Welcome to my Trilobite website!

I am a fossil Trilobite enthusiast. I specialise in good quality Trilobites for sale to suit all budgets.

This website  introduces you to the fascinating  world of TrilobitesTrilobites were one of the earliest known groups of arthropods to swim in the oceans of the world.
I have been collecting Trilobites for the best part of 25 years and have always loved them and find them most interesting. Their colour, shape, size and endless varieties make Trilobites one of the most collectable fossils. I hope to share my enthusiasm with you by offering you quality Trilobites at the best prices from around the world.

All my Trilobites are natural. None of the Trilobites I sell have been restored so when you buy from me you know you are buying a genuine fossil Trilobite.

The links to various Trilobite categories are at the bottom of this page.

I have introduced a new Reserve Item for you too! If payday has not come around yet. I can reserve items you wish to purchase. Just ask me and I will reserve your item ahead of time (7 days is the usual limit though). Email me for details of anything you are intersted in and I will do my best to reserve whatever you need so you are not disappointed and miss out on a Trilobite. If you no longer require a reservation please contact me just to let me know so I can offer the items back for sale.

For UK orders we send most items as first class packets. Items of over 2kg I send to the UK as standard Parcel. Please contact us for a quote for dispatch of heavier items overseas.

Please click on the images below to see our range and higher resolution photos.

NEW TRILOBITES ADDED 27th February In the Morccon categorie.


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